101: Access Your Psych Capital

101: Access Your Psych Capital
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101 Access Your Psych Capital

101: Access Your Psych Capital

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  • Sub-Title: Everything You Want (and Need) To Optimize Your Trading Psyche
  • Length and type: Download of 8 Chapter Audio/Visual Program with Quizzes, Structured Homework, Supplements and Searchable Transcription.
  • Homework: 15+ assignments – see list below
  • Tuition: UNDER RECONSTRUCTION, stay tuned for the new release!
  • Chapters –
    1. The Human Markets – the psychological skill of Theory of Mind is Key
    2. Radical Neuroeconomics – what we are learning about the brain, not behavior, on risk.
    3. Decisions in Volatility – making real decisions (behavior) in the midst of uncertainty.
    4. Irrationality Solved – it is NOT the amygdala, the old brain or even the biases of behavioral finance!
    5. Echoes (now Fractals) – we all trade our character, but we don’t have to.
    6. Emotion Analytics – learning to track this key decision factor.
    7. Markets Moving – putting this all in practice.
    8. Goals and Journals Done Right – ending where most trading psychology errantly starts.
    • Homework –
    1. Echoes Series (Fractals) – why does it always feel the same?
    2. Less is More – making your screen easier on your brain
    3. Who is on the Other Side – thinking about the markets using “theory of mind” or predicting other players
    4. How it Feels to Have a Great Trade – getting a new emotional experience you can recreate
    5. GOST approach to Do-Able Goals. Strategies include “ANNA” for anticipating how trades will end up feeling and “WWW” for recreating an optimal mindset after any trade.

Recent Student Jerry Z. says:

“I had heard about Denise Shull through a friend, and I had read some of her articles and listened to some of her interviews on CNBC. Denise had created a tool entitled “Access Your Psychological Capital” that provides a foundation for clients in terms of the language, framework, structure and methodology she’s developed, and she recommended that I complete this course-work as a first step.

Her tool was a great aid in helping me to identify my mental barriers. With this tool I was able to identify and focus on key issues I had avoided like a plague, but that were critical to my success as I soon learned. I did the discovery work using this tool, and when I did start working with Denise one-on-one many of our priorities were pre-set thanks to her tool, and she focused like a laser on helping me to dissect and resolve these issues.

Denise has helped me in numerous ways:

  • As a professional trader I know how important execution is, but it was Denise that taught me that my mental state is the determining factor in my ability to execute.
  • She taught me exactly what it meant to have a mental edge and how to develop it, how to develop my mental edge trading plan, how to understand if I had my mental edge at any given moment, and thus how to make the best decision real-time as to whether to take a given trade or to sit on my hands.
  • Denise also helped me to uncover and resolve the issue that had caused me to hold on to bad trades.

Most importantly she taught me how to put myself in a position to trust myself completely as a trader (this was really difficult for me given my past history of meltdown days).

The results have been profound:

  • I now have complete confidence in my ability to scratch a trade that’s not working, and I have proven this to myself many times over. Because of this I have complete confidence in my long-term viability as a trader.
  • Because of my confidence in my long-term viability I no longer force trades as I’m no longer concerned about my results on any given day, week, or month.
  • I trade much more like a good poker player now, and I don’t have any emotional issues with increasing my position size substantially when it’s warranted.

Thanks to Denise I now understand how to avoid or mitigate meltdown days, and more importantly she’s taught me how to recover from them when I do experience them. Because of Denise I have a much better intellectual and emotional understanding of why my trading mentor was (and is) a great trader, and what I have to do and how I have to feel to trade great.

Denise Shull has been a great asset to me, and I believe she would be an equally great asset to any aspiring or professional trader willing to work to improve their results.”

Jerry Zabbia, Texas