All Day Hold Trading

All Day Hold Trading
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All Day Hold Trading



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The training course is my game plan. It goes step by step through how I pick my stocks, what contexts I look for in order to generate a bias for the day, and how to understand timing on any time frame for entries/exits. Like I’ve said before, this isn’t generic trading information; it’s showing you what actually works. That’s what most traders struggle with… how to use all of the info they have come in contact with. If you have heard of profitable traders saying they keep it simple… it’s the truth. I use one pattern/premise to base my entries/exits on and to also understand most moves in the market.  


I have 5 different contexts that give me an objective reason to trade a stock on a given day.  As you have probably noticed, just because a stock comes into support or resistance doesn’t mean it needs to completely reverse. Or just because a stock is “breaking out” doesn’t necessarily mean there will be follow through. The context is what gives the higher probability of WHY stocks should be reversing from key levels or why they should be continuing from breakouts. That’s what most traders lack… the knowledge of the overall context. This is what you need in order to catch the larger moves.


The training course is 17+ hours long. Since I trade based off one pattern/premise, repetition of seeing it time and time again is crucial. Conviction and discipline are the keys to growing as a trader. You only gain conviction through understanding what you are doing, why it works, and seeing it over and over. As you may have seen in my YouTube videos, I’m not bringing in different technical indicators or reasons to be placing trades. I’m not altering my game plan to fit a stock; I’m letting the stock fit my game plan. It’s the same thing all the time, just different day.