Complete Online Futures Trading Course

Complete Online Futures Trading Course
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Complete Online Futures Trading Course




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  • Learn everything you wanted to know about trading the futures markets via the CME/NYMEX or Eurex with our Futures Trading Course!
  • Learn Investor/RT, DeltaPrint and Auction Market Theory via the Market Profile on a top charting software platform! Day Types, Open Types, IB-days, Ranges, Volume, Singles, Ledges and Patterns.
  • Learn the best 10+ trade set-ups on MP/VolumeScope™, for the ES, NQ, 6E (Euro Fx), GC, CL, DAX and BITCOIN (BTC) contracts.
  • Includes access to our 3 classes recorded in HD, all on our private cloud.
  • Also, access to all 60+ e-books, Excel/Word files, trade set-ups, trade plans and pdfs for download from our Microsoft OneDrive cloud.
  • All Investor/RT custom chart definitions and trade signals included!
  • Learn to read order flow using Linnsoft’s Investor/RT with VolumeScope™ chart and it’s order imbalance algo!
  • Learn why the Globlex (overnight session) auction is so important to know before the open (RTH).
  • Watch trades unfold and see firsthand what set–ups to take.
  • A simple and straight forward path to trading consistently!
  • All teaching is done in our online WebEx room. OneDrive invitations will be sent once payment is received.
  • We use Kinetick, DTN Iqfeed or CQG to feed data to Investor/RT.
  • NEW! 5 hrs. of live (one on one) mentoring FREE!!!