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Complete Pro Trader Course - Traders4Traders
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Professional Trader Training Course

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Our Pro Trader course will give you proper understanding of market structure, explain what makes prices move and how to trade price movements.

You'll get professional insight and knowledge into trading the markets with a simple plan that will significantly improve your understanding of price movement on the charts and how best to trade it.

This comprehensive course will provide the Essential Knowledge that all investment bank traders learn and then we'll adjust it to your own personality and risk appetite.

You will be able to look at any price chart and quickly make sense out of it and be ready to trade and make money.

In this course, you will learn:

How to manage your Capital to maximise growth and minimise losses
Understand the currencies & the time-zones
How to analyse the market technically
How to plan and trade the economic data releases - the fundamentals
The Trading Process - for all market situations
How to execute your trades on MT4
After studying this course you will understand how and why the financial markets exist and the methods and strategies used by institutions and firms to trade and profit from these markets on a daily basis.


The Components

Chapter 1 – The FX Kickstart Series – An 8 part mini-series on the World of Foreign Exchange: FX 101 – The Basics

Chapter 2 – Currencies: The Inside Story

Chapter 3 – Know Your Markets: Understanding the nuances of each timezone

Chapter 4 – Capital Management: Position Sizing, Risk/Reward ratios

Chapter 5 – Technical Analysis: Exploring basic trends & trend analysis

Chapter 6 – Basic Technical Strategies: Understanding the simple strategies

Chapter 7 – The Trading Process Part 1: No Economic Data Scheduled

Chapter 8 – The Trading Process Part 2: Economic Data Released

Chapter 9 – Trading Psychology – Mastering the emotions of trading

Chapter 10 – MT4 Trading Platform: Simple trade execution on the worlds most popular platform

Chapter 11 – T-Rex Trading Software: Advanced execution for live trading and economic data releases

Chapter 12 – Trendline Trader Software: Advanced execution for technical trades

Chapter 13 – Xenith News Service: Instructions on how to set up & use the Metastock news service

Chapter 14 – Advanced Trading Strategies: A Bundle of Advanced trading strategies to get you started.



The success of our Pro Trader training program revolves around the structure it is delivered. You will always know exactly where you are in the training process and have the ability to ask our team questions and be instructed on how to understand and use the training information.

Each stage you’ll enter a new learning phase, which is designed to challenge, up-skill and improve your overall trading knowledge.

Stage 1: Start Learning – Guide to the online Course, Members area and trade station set up

Stage 2: Understanding the Markets – Currencies, Trading Timezones and Trade Station Management

Stage 3: Controlling Your Capital – Risk Management & Trade Plan (Most important aspect of your trading)

Stage 4: Technical Analysis – Understanding Technical Strategies & Drawing Trendlines

Stage 5: Understanding the Trading Process Part 1 – No economic data

Stage 6: Understanding the Trading Process Part 2 – Economic data due for release

Stage 7: Trading Psychology – Patience, discipline & control – placing trades and waiting for the market to move!

Stage 8: Trade Execution – MT4 & our Proprietary Trading Software – T-Rex & Trendline Trader

Stage 9: Fine tuning trade execution & Trade Management – you’re ready to go!

Stage 10: Complete the Online quiz & test your knowledge.

You’ll receive an email every 5 days to keep you on the learning path.

All of these sessions are recorded so you can review them in your own time.

So as you can see the online course is very functional and all about upskilling you to become a successful trader.



If you want to start making money as a trader, it’s time to start acting and thinking like a professional trader. We’re here to provide you with honest, simple and effective trading strategies, that if you use properly, will allow you to develop a deep understanding of the markets, how to trade them and most of all, how to profit from them.

Best of all, your going to learn how to trade and think about the market for yourself, so if you are ready to get started learning how to trade the right way, I encourage you to get our Complete Pro Trader Course!

Talk soon, Brad Gilbert




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