E-Learning Course

E-Learning Course
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E-Learning Course


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E-Learning Course

The e-learning portal contains 10+ hours of educational material in over 50 insight-packed video lessons. In order to support your learning, you will have access to weekly webinars, alongside traders who have also enrolled on the same course, but also those who have been bold enough to take the 1-to-1 mentoring program. In addition, you will be added to a private chat with other traders, where you can discuss the markets, accelerate your learning  and network with other traders.


The course covers a vast number of topics; from technical and fundamental analysis to inter-market analysis; day trading to swing trading; trading with the trend to counter trend trading; trading psychology to constructing a trading plan and even bonds, indices and cryptocurrencies. Accompanying the videos, there is detailed text taken from the 190-page SB Forex Trading Manual to aid your learning, and we have even added the full glossary of financial market terms from the manual!


An added benefit of enrolling on this course is the discounts available to you on other SB Forex products. We give back to those who join the SB team, and you will be able to enrol on one of the intensive mentoring programs, or subscribe the the Members Zone at a discounted rate!

Stage 1: Chart Set-Up
– Your Trading Workspace
– Choosing a Broker & Assets to Trade
– Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
– How to Plot Support and Resistance
– Top-Down Analysis
– Stage 1 Quiz: 5 questions


Stage 2: Introduction to Key Rules
– Risk and Money Management
– Psychology and Common Mistakes
– Trading Plan, Entry Checklist & Journaling
– Setting Goals and Self Evaluation
– Stage 2 Quiz: 8 questions


Stage 3: Basic Technical Analysis
– Multiple Time Frame Analysis Introduction
– Trendlines and Channels
– Price Action at Key Levels
– Shapes and Patterns
– Identifying Trends
– Using COT Data
– Stage 3 Quiz: 16 questions


Stage 4: Technical Indicators
– Technical Indicators Introduction
– Fibonacci
– MACD and RSI
– Moving Averages
– Stage 4 Quiz: 20 questions


Stage 5: Advanced Technical Analysis
– Creating Confluences
– Entries, Stop Losses & Take Profits
– Stop Raids
– Setting Orders
– Advanced Top Down Analysis
– The Wyckoff Method
– Stage 5 Quiz – 10 questions


Stage 6: Fundamental Analysis
– Interpreting Fundamental Indicators (Economic Data)
– Trading Around Scheduled and Unscheduled News/Events
– Key Fundamental Indicators
– Central Bank Meetings + Live Example
– Non-Farm Payrolls + Live Example
– Country Profiles
– Stage 6 Quiz: 15 questions


Stage 7: InterMarket Analysis
– Market Correlation Introduction
– Gold vs. USD
– Loonie (CAD)
– Antipodeans
– Risk Sentiment
– Indices
– Interest Rates & Bond Yields
– Bond Spread
– Stage 7 Quiz: 15 questions




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