Elliot Wave - How To Select and Trade Individual Stocks

Elliot Wave - How To Select and Trade Individual Stocks
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Elliot Wave – How To Select and Trade Individual Stocks 

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EWIs Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman and Prime Stocks Flash analyst Mike Boysen team up to bring you this highly anticipated stock trading course, with real world lessons drawn from their more than 40 years of combined market experience. This intensive stock trading course delivers to your desktop a practical, market tested approach using the Wave Principle and other key tools and techniques to identifying and acting on opportunities in individual stocks. Wayne and Mike walk you through real world examples and lessons to show you how to be successful in these two fundamental aspects of stock trading: How to find opportunities from the thousands of individual issues out there, which ones are most likely to trace out clear Elliott wave patterns. What to do next from your first glance at a price chart to acting on an opportunity (or passing it over, as the case may be). These two bullets describe what Mike Boysen does Every trading day as EWIs Prime Stocks Flash analyst. Wayne Gorman has spent the past month carefully extracting every tool, technique and insight Mike has picked up in his career and that he employs each day. Now, theyre prepared to teach it All to You in this stock trading course.

Here is what you will learn:
How to use channeling, momentum, volume, trendlines, Fibonacci price relationships and option related data to select stocks and then trade them
What are key sources of information for finding individual stocks to trade
How to sift through and find the best individual stock trading candidates
The importance of identifying a clear Elliott wave pattern
How to use insider buying/selling data to select and trade stocks
How best to interpret and use analysts stock ratings
How to use Elliotts rules and guidelines to label wave structure and set entry, stop, and exit levels, as well as project moves to measure risk vs. reward.
What you should do if the stock is an IPO
How individual stocks may differ from their corresponding sector index or market index and what to do about it
Why upside/downside leaders are significant and how to identify them
How you should interpret and use corporate earnings news
Why you should pay particular attention to emerging growth stocks

In Part 1, Wayne teaches everything he knows and everything he learned from Mike about individual stock trading.
In Part 2, Mike walks you through his entire thought process to put it all together and help you make it work in your own trading.



PRODUCT NAME: EWI's Individual Stock Trading Course: How To Select and Trade Individual Stocks
AUTHOR: Wayne Gorman & Mike Boysen
WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO: http://www.elliottwave.com/education/trading_education_series/online_trading_course/stock-trading-course/default.aspx?code=ocomi 
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