Futures Trading Course - Online Trading Academy XLT

Futures Trading Course - Online Trading Academy XLT
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The XLT – Futures Trading course blends two types of sessions in a very structured environment. Lesson sessions make up approximately 40% of the course curriculum. Each lesson focuses on teaching a specific concept that continues your trading education. Trading and Analysis sessions make up the remaining 60% of the course curriculum and apply the knowledge you have gained in live market conditions. Trading and Analysis sessions are conducted during active market hours with the purpose of identifying real trading opportunities using a very objective rule-based strategy.

Forty-two sessions are delivered over a 12-week period, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours in length. Lesson sessions repeat every 12-weeks, providing solid learning reinforcement. Each Trading and Analysis session is unique as the instructor and students, together, proactively and dynamically respond to live-market conditions.

Course Agenda

Week 1: Market Timing With Supply and Demand

Quantifying and Demand and Supply – Order Flow

Identifying a Supply and Demand Imbalance for Opportunity

Understanding Who is on the Other Side of Your Trade


Week 2: Odds Enhancers: Identifying High Probability Turning Points

Strength of a Level

Profit Margins / Risk and Reward

Time and Price

Time of Day

Stock / Bond Relationship

Supply and Demand Curve Extremes

Week 3: Core Strategy Development

Rules for Entries

Rules for Exits – Protective Stops and Targets

Rules for Trade Management

Day Trading with Futures

Swing Trading with Futures

Longer Term Trading with Futures

Week 4: Scanning For Opportunity

The “Top Down Approach”

The Routine

Scanning for:

Day Trades

Swing Trades

Longer Term Trades

Week 5: Global Futures Markets

Which Markets Should You Trade and Why

Market Specifications and the Global Exchanges

The Pro’s and Con’s of the Different Futures Markets

Which futures markets are best for:

Day Trading

Swing Trading

Longer Term Trading

Week 6: XLT Advanced Strategies – Futures

The All Star Entry

The opening Range Breakout

Trend and Counter Trend Setups

The “Trap” – Bull and Bear Traps, News Traps, Market Maker Traps


Week 7: Equity Index Futures and Globex

Choosing the Correct Symbol


– Continuous Contract, Day Session, 24-hour Session, and More to Consider

Week 8: A Deeper Understanding of the Commodity Markets

Things You Need to Know


Spread Trading with Commodities

Week 9: System Trading – Futures

Components of a Trading System – Automated and Signal Based

The “Switch”

The “Trigger”

System Building Traps

Week 10: Indicators and Oscillators and Candlestick Patterns

Identifying Turning Points with Oscillators

Adapting Oscillators for Trends

Use of Oscillators to Confirm Supply and Demand Entry Points

Use of Indicators to Confirm Supply and Demand

Moving Averages as Demand and Supply

Trading the Trend with Moving Averages

Stops and Risk Management with Moving Averages

Week 11: Risk Management

Using a staged progression to minimize your risk

How to position size your trades correctly

Where risk comes from and how to reduce it

Week 12: Trade Plan Development – Building The Trading Plan

Three step process

Core components of a profitable trade plan

Additional Components


 4.6 stars - based on 10 reviews

“I love everything about Online Trading Academy and I do not regret a single minute on joining this beautiful community or family if I can say. Still impressed about how the instructors are patient and care for helping us on every question we have. It's like a mother who cares about their children. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Bachir and Chris have a very amazing personality, and saying thanks I think is not enough. As my instructor says, "it's just the beginning," and it's true, Online Trading Academy does take care of us even after this class as they will not leave us alone. Joining XLT is another step which is wonderful and I feel myself lucky to join this wonderful community. These instructors are like ocean of knowledge. Well, there is lot more to say and I do believe words sometimes can't replace what you feel inside yourself. No one has told me to say these things, I'm saying It from the bottom of my heart.”

, August 2014

“I truly value every minute that I get to spend with the instructors at Online Trading Academy. Everything from the community of traders, one on one experience with the instructor, practice in the live and simulated modes, to watching live XLT's AND trading right along with the pros..... I LOVE IT ALL! Online Trading Academy is changing my life. Each day I am getting one step closer to achieving my goal of being a stay at home mom with an AMAZING INCOME! Thank you, Online Trading Academy!”

, June 2014

“I have taken the Professional Trader, Futures class and the Platform Immersion class. The knowledge and execution skills are invaluable to me. I will also continue to use the XLTs to reinforce and enhance my trading skill set.”

, May 2014

“Typical Online Trading Academy experience (excellent). I came well prepared for this class by 4-5 weeks of viewing XLT trades and lessons - particularly lessons from this instructor. As a result, I had the skills for TradeStation and the major trade strategies (8-89, opening gap, etc). The value of the class was the reinforcement of the instruction and the refinement of techniques. This is the best way to prepare for these classes - particularly for this instructor.”

, March 2014

“Second best investment in my life. It comes right after my investments on my schools. It is worth becoming a life time member with XLT and MasterMind Community program - Great Resources and BEST faculty / instructors.”

, February 2014

“Actively attending XLT stock and futures classes helps me feel confident in trading supply and demand. My trading has gone from timid, almost frozen, to confidently taking trades off of good supply and demand levels. I just want to thank you for the great instructions in the XLT classes.”

, February 2014

“The XLT and the live classes are wonderful.”