John Crain – Trading With Market Timing and Intelligence

John Crain – Trading With Market Timing and Intelligence
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John Crain – Trading With Market Timing and Intelligence



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Trading With Market Timing Intelligence Educational Series


The most important element of a successful swing/day trading approach is market timing of both entry and exits. In this educational series, you will learn to predict, identify, and trade short-term swing trades in futures, stocks or Forex using a unique swing trading “market timing intelligence” methodology. Veteran futures trader and best-selling author John Crane will show how he combines his highly acclaimed “Action/Reaction” market timing methods with a selective set of Elliott Wave, Dr. Andrew’s Median line and Fibonacci analysis.  Each session is presented in a clear and concise manner to help you quickly learn this powerful strategy and begin to use it as stand-alone trading approach or add it to your current trading methods.

Session 1 – In session one, you will be introduced to the “reaction swing.” As the foundation for the Market Timing Intelligence trading strategy, the Reaction swing price pattern is unique in its ability to identify the center of a cycle that acts as the balancing point for both short-term and longer-term price trends. By the end of this session you will recognize the profound influence that “Action-Reaction” exerts on all markets and in all degrees of a trend. You will also be able to combine price action with market structure to pinpoint higher-probability reversal periods as well as Time and Price target objectives.

Session 2 – Learn how to use a simple line, combined with market structure, to project where time and price should meet,  thereby providing the knowledgeable trader the ability to enter a new price trend with high probability trade entry and exits.  In addition, you will learn how the price action can confirm a strong trade signal or forewarn you of a possible failure so you can take action quickly.  John Crane features one of his own proprietary price patterns that can identify early session trading opportunities, which can lead to explosive price moves.  This information will enable you to capitalize on market momentum by being able to identify when a price swing is likely to reverse or move into consolidation. This allows you to capture the entire price move from beginning to end.

Session 3 – In this session, John Crane describes how long-term cycles can also overlap short-term cycles to provide additional confirmation to the probable path of price. In addition, you will be taught a trading technique John calls “looking inside the bar” to identify an earlier entry signal at critical turning points.  He also illustrates a simple technique that enables you to recognize the current phase of the trend (beginning, center, or nearing maturity). This ability to spot the market ‘flow’, as it changes from one phase to another,  is a simple observation of how one price pattern interacts with the previous price pattern and can be an early indicator of a trend change or trend continuation. Understanding how the current market behavior will affect future price action enables the trader be proactive (not reactive) with trade or risk management.

Session 4 – In this session John Crane puts all the information into action using live markets and the Reaction Point™ indicator.  You will see how it all comes together as you watch the TR and TC patterns begin to unfold and fulfill the time and price projections made by you and the Reaction Point™ indicator.  You will come away from these sessions with an appreciation of the unparalleled simplicity and significant potential offered by understanding “Market Timing Intelligence” and “Action/Reaction.”


What you will learn

  • Recognize and benefit from the profound influence that “Action-Reaction” exerts on all markets in all degrees of a trend.
  • Determine correct market behavior to identify when a market correction is most likely to begin.
  • Combine price action with market timing to pinpoint high-probability reversal periods and price target objectives.
  • Capitalize on market momentum to identify when a price swing is losing momentum and likely to reverse or move into consolidation.
  • Combine energy building patterns with timing patterns to isolate and take advantage of high probability breakout points.
  • Project future market reversals in terms of price, time and direction with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Identify low-risk support and resistance levels that appear on every chart, yet are not recognized by most people.
  • Benefit from both bullish and bearish market trends.
  • Use a simple median line to determine if a market is losing or gaining momentum.
  • Identify the “sweet spot” where a market is building energy inside a trend that can precede explosive market moves.
  • Identify when a market is conducive for swing trading or day trading.
  • Understand how the current market behavior will affect future price action so you can be proactive with your trade management.