Justine Williams-Lara – Counting Elliott Waves. The Profitunity Way DVD

Justine Williams-Lara – Counting Elliott Waves. The Profitunity Way DVD
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Justine Williams-Lara – Counting Elliott Waves. The Profitunity Way DVD  



Elliott Wave theory has been in use in the markets since the 1930’s when R.N. Elliott discovered these repeating patterns in the stock markets. It has been one of the most difficult areas of the market for traders to understand. Profitunity presents the Elliott Wave theory in a simple and effective way that any stock, forex or commodity trader can understand in the new Profitunity Elliott Wave DVD by Justine Williams-Lara.


By understanding the underlying structure of the markets (the Elliott Wave) traders can improve their current trading results. Knowing what direction to expect next and why is especially valuable in today’s volatile markets. Profitunity follows traditional Elliott Wave theory and adds some of their own technical indicators to help ensure an accurate quick and simple count. If you can count to 5 and know your A,B,C’s, then you can learn to count the Elliott Wave the Profitunity way. This method can achieve amazing results and has been used in our own trading accounts for decades.


In this 90-minute course, Justine will teach you how to count the Elliott Wave with simple and precise techniques on real time charts on all time frames and markets including stocks, futures, ETF’s, indices, and Forex.


Justine will also teach you:


  • What the Underlying Structure of the Markets is
  • What are Fractals and how are they related to the Elliott Wave
  • How to use the Awesome Oscillator to find the peak of Wave 3
  • Correction types: Zig-Zag, Complex, and Irregular patterns
  • How the Elliott Wave is the underlying structure of all markets
  • How the Fractal is the underlying part of the Elliott Wave
  • Identify the 5 Wave Pattern with 3 wave correction on the chart on any market
  • The Awesome Oscillator – 5-34 moving average and it’s uses
  • How to Identify the Wave 3 peak on a chart in seconds
  • What divergence means and how it affects the Elliott Waves
  • The Squat Bar, trend ending or measuring are explained in real time examples
  • What the common correction types are and how to recognize them on the chart
  • How to use multiple time frames to accurately count Elliott Waves in real time.
  • Take the ambiguity out of counting Elliott Waves
  • How to know when your count is wrong and get the current Elliott Wave count.
  • Review on 30 examples on historical charts tying it all together.