LT Indicators (Pulse, Gamma, Ultra, Trend) (May 2013) FOR METATRADER

LT Indicators (Pulse, Gamma, Ultra, Trend) (May 2013) FOR METATRADER
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LT Indicators (Pulse, Gamma, Ultra, Trend) (May 2013)

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What is the Pulse?
• As “momentum” or “trend” traders we are always on the
look out for where the next “big move” is likely to occur.
• The LT Pulse helps us identify those “Big Moves” BEFORE
they actually happen.
• We do this by looking at the TRANSITION of a market from
LOW to HIGH volatility.
• For this reason, the LT Pulse is one of the most important
indicators I use.


LT Gamma Confirmation
• LT Gamma Confirmation shows a signal when 3 different
momentum and wave patterns are in synch with each other.
• When they are in synch, you’ll see either a RED or BLUE dot.
• Red shows that long term path and pressure is to the
downside (strong negative pressure). Blue shows that long
term path is to the BUY side (strong upside pressure).
• I like to use it on every timeframe. I commit MORE money to
pulse trades with Gamma confirmation.

Trend- Ultra

What is the advantage of having the LT Trend and LT Ultra Indicators?

Trading is a bit like going into battle. In order to compete and be able to succeed in the battle you need to be properly equipped with the most recent and advanced tools (or weapons) at your disposal. You would never want to compete without the necessary tools. The Leading Trader (LT) indicators are designed to give you the edge you need to be victorious in your trading.

What does the LT Trend indicator do?

The LT Trend gives you a colourful representation of the market by removing a lot of the “noise” on the charts. It pinpoints specific trends and shows you whether buyers or seller have the edge. More importantly it allows you to hold on to winners longer. The best aspect of this indicator is that eliminates emotion from your trading, specifically your fears of loss and leaving money on the table.