Larry Connors – Professional Day Trading for Success Program

Larry Connors – Professional Day Trading for Success Program
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Larry Connors – Professional Day Trading for Success Program – Available Now !!!

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Includes Amibroker & Tradestation Indicators and Spreadsheets

  • This program is designed for both current day traders and those who are looking to make day trading their career.
  • TradingMarkets Professional Day Trading for Success Program will be taught
  • The research behind the program has simulated trading results showing gains in 97 out of the past 101 months.


What You Will Learn:

This is a complete and comprehensive day trading program. Few other firms, outside of the major trading firms, who trade their own capital, can offer you a comprehensive program that enables you to trade more successfully. Throughout the program, you’ll learn:

  • Trading news events, earnings reports, and pre-market economic reports
  • Special situation and arbitrage situations that occur throughout the year
  • Price Magnet Strategies – A special technique floor traders have used for years and continue to utilize.
  • Most importantly, we will teach you 7 Long & 6 Short Quantified Edge Based Trading Strategies. You will learn ahead of time how to identify panic buying and selling and systematically trade in those conditions.

The Connors Group is a leading innovator in the development and distribution of financial market trading information and data for institutional investment companies, investment advisors, and individual traders.