Option Elements – Diagonals and Calendars

Option Elements – Diagonals and Calendars
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Option Elements – Diagonals and Calendars



Learn How To Trade Diagonals & Calendars To Generate Income And To Enhance Your Longer Term Option Trades

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Why Time Spreads can be much, much, more beneficial than Condor or Butterflies.
Expiration….Should we go there? And what you need to know if you do.
Real trading with real positions and real money. Not fake trades in some software.
You do not need a specific type of options analysis software for this course.
Learn how Diagonal Spreads and Calendar Spreads can be “Vega Adjustable”
Learn how to use the “weekly” options for Diagonals and calendars to gain the edge
We are in a “low implied volatility environment and we should use tactics that employ positive Vega.
Let’s take the mystery out of Time Spreads and discuss their mega advantages.
Learn how to control the “Greeks” to manage your position like the Professionals
Discover the “Time Traveler” that I use to gain the edge.
Know when to enter and when to exit, so you don’t show up at the party too early, or stay too late.
All classes are recorded. You can access all previous recordings of the class and the current class recordings indefinitely.


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