Option Pit – Volatility Master Class

Option Pit – Volatility Master Class
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If you want to Master Volatility Like a Professional, this is THE COURSE to take

“Volatility is the most important and misunderstood facet of option trading, break through the fear of vol”

Instead… Sign Up For The One Volatility Course Every Trader Should Take…And Discover The TRUTH About Volatility And How To Trade It Successfully…


Option Pit’s Volatility Master Class


This Special Course will give traders actionable tools to trade Volatility

This 10 part course will emphasize trading volatility as an asset class in both the Volatility Products like VIX and VXX and SPX Index implied volatility. Traders will learn entry points for different levels of both the VIX and the various points on the VIX future curve to maximize reward and minimize risk. Traders will also learn to manage gamma developing ways to create both positive decay and long gamma positions to ride volatility trends. Traders will bust myths about the vol products and VIX and be instructed on how to maximize a vol trade for return.

In this 10 session class Mark Sebastian, Founder of Option Pit, and Andrew Giovinazzi, C.O.O. of Option Pit, teach traders:

Learning to price realized volatility
– Understand how realized volatility works and how to build profitable trades around it

Optimizing option terms for vol trades and proper use of Vega as an asset
– Learn the importance of expiration date in position selection to optimize exposure to changes in volatility and time
– Master Vega Weighting and Vega sensitivity for all option terms and strikes

Maximizing time premium for Theta positive trade with the vol products.
– Use the volatility products to create positions that are long contracts but decay with positive theta due to VIX future erosion

Understand the VIX and VIX futures
– Learn the nuance of the VIX future term structure and what it is telling you about the market

VIX Futures contango and backwardation
– Create optimized trades in VIX and the Volatility ETP based on the relative levels for VIX futures to VIX cash

Trade selection based on VIX Zone for short and longer terms positions
– Quantify Volatility zones to optimize position selection for all markets

Utilizing the VIX options at the most opportune time
– Learn the value of VIX options strategy for both the Weeklys and mid term trades

Trading the VXX,UVXY, XIV and SVXY options for best efficiency and risk reward profile
– Use the volatility products to capture how they are designed rather than the conventional wisdom

SPY and Vol product pair trading to create long gamma but short volatility trades
– Learn to create self -financing portfolio hedging techniques using VIX, the Vol Products and the SPY for dynamic pair trading




Mark Sebastian: Founder

Mark Sebastian is a former member of both the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the American Stock Exchange. The Author of the  popular trading manual “The Option Traders Hedge fund.”  He is a  frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, First Business News. Sebastian has been published nationally on Yahoo Finance, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Bloomberg and is an ‘all-star contributor’ for TheStreet.com’s Option Profits Team.  Mark is also, the managing editor for Expiring Monthly: The Option Traders Journal an all digital, all options magazine.  Mark has spoken for the CBOE, the ISE, CME, VOLX and is a co-host on the popular Option Block Podcast  and Volatility Views podcast.  Mark has a Bachelor’s in Science from Villanova University.


Andrew Giovinazzi: Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Giovinazzi was a member of both the Pacific Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange where he made markets in both equity and index option classes.  During that period he never had a down year.  In 1991, Andrew started and ran the Designated Primary Market Maker post for Group One, ltd in Chicago.  He was instrumental in creating and managing a training program that allowed Group One, ltd. to significantly grow the company.  He left Group One, ltd. to co-found Henry Capital Management in 2001.  He became Chief Options Strategist and Option Pit Mentoring in the Fall of 2011.  Andrew has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Economics.