Peter Borish – Online Trader Program

Peter Borish – Online Trader Program
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Peter Borish – Online Trader Program





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Peter Borish – Online Trader Program

Exclusive Offer for New Students. $497 (Normally $997)

Self-Study, online training program with Peter Borish.

This is an exclusive chance to learn the wisdom of Peter Borish, co-founder of Tudor Investments.

Once registered, you’ll have immediate access to the online material. You’ll be watching the first lesson in minutes.

There is approximately 10 hours of video content.

You can have these rules down cold in as little as 2 months. If you’re already taking risk, you can incorporate some these rules into your existing methodology to perform better.

You can watch and re-watch the lessons at any time. Peter Borish does 100% of the teaching.

All of your questions are answered by Peter or Michael either via email or on the calls themselves.

Our policy is that you’ll get a 7-day 100% refund if you’re not happy with anything.

No questions asked.

Bonus: Introduction to Trading Systems. Learn 4 trading systems from Michael Martin – FREE

  • ATR Breakout System
  • Donchian System
  • Dual Moving Average / Reversal System
  • Triple Moving Average System

There are approximately 4 hours of trading system video lessons.



“The course stands head and shoulders above other courses that I have seen relating to financial trading. All aspects of trading have been covered in considerable detail by two professional traders who not only clearly know their stuff, but walk the talk. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and rarely come across anything new that is of practical use. Peter and Michael have provided many useful insights that have either gone to reinforce what I already knew, or provided new ideas for testing. The course has been enjoyable and informative even for an old hand such as myself.” PS, London

“First, it’s great having 2 pros talk about their trading styles. You guys have the core similarities that make a trader successful and this is brought out in every lesson – discipline, emotional consistency and fortitude to name a few. But it’s also really helpful to hear how you guys differ in your styles- for anyone struggling in the markets it’s a clear message that there is no holy grail methodology besides the soft skills. But these soft skills really are the core of it all. I’ve probably read 100 books on trading in the last year and nothing comes close to having a 3+ month program where both of you guys are giving great advice but also, again, expounding on those fundamental character traits of a trader. One of the most prominent things I remember was when Mike said he wasn’t afraid to take a huge risk because that is who he is as a person, and Peter countered back that he was totally uncomfortable to do such a thing. And yet both are completely successful in the market.” KW, San Francisco

I just submitted my thesis to a HUGE allocator and I actually thought of you and Peter when I was drafting the idea. Your course is outright superb and I know I am a better trader because of it. Thank you! – RS

This material is very solid. I totally get what you mean by information versus insight. I admit I would never be able to come up with this thinking on my own. – FM

I know my trading has already improved from just one takeaway from this course: eliminating sub-optimal trades. I’d been focusing on the wrong mentality for years. I feel so relieved… – CW

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