Rcvisionaries – The RCV Course

Rcvisionaries – The RCV Course
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Rcvisionaries – The RCV Course

The RCV Course
The RCV course will consist of over 40 videos that will take you from Intermediate-level to Advanced-level videos. The course will also include Psychology videos and “Extras” where we talk about currency pair breakdowns, including entries and exits of a trade. We will be providing 1-2 live, weekly webinars where previous market trends are discussed as well as potential market projections. The webinars will be recorded for those who aren’t able to join the live sessions. This course will also give members full access to our exclusive RCVisionaries Discord Server.
Visionaries is home. It is a great environment to be immersed in and the smart decision if you are trying to take your trading to the next level.”

  • Study from anywhere in the world
    As long as you have wifi or internet access, you’ll be able to access all the valuable content RCV provides.
  • Learn at a pace that works for you
    Everyone has a different learning curve. You’ll have the freedom to access the course on your own time and devote as much as time as you can, when you can.
  • Get help from fellow Visionaries
    You’ll be able to engage with multiple experienced traders in the visionary exclusive chat. We all started somewhere and we are here to help.


Here’s What’s Included:  

  • Intermediate Visionary
    Course Description
    In order to build a house we must have a proper foundation. This section will clear any noise in the the aspects of Forex essentials, as a result becoming aware of what’s needed.
    Market Structure 11:17
    Fibonacci 8:54
    Risk-Reward Ratio 7:37
    Risk Management 7:38
    Trade Management 12:25
    Forex Basics
    Know how to use Metatrader 4 or 5 and Tradingview.
  • Advanced Visionary
    Course Description
    Now that we deciphered the essentials we can take the education to the next level.
    Understanding the Ideology 8:29
    Our Ideology Compared Toward “Retail” 7:20
    Liquidity 8:28
    Sponsored Candles + Mitigation 14:21
    Inefficiency 13:17
    Entries + Combining the Concepts 12:50
    Volume 8:21
    Momentum 7:45
    Correlating Momentum and Volume 6:47
    Combining Everything So Far 22:30
    Accumulation 14:30
    Distributio 10:33
    Laws 5:20
    Reaccumulation 9:06
    Redistributio 7:46
    Wyckoff Overview 6:45
    Finish Intermediate Section
    Have a Clear Foundation
  • Psychology Vision
    Course Description
    As a trader one of the most important topics is psychology. In this section we’ll go over understanding emotion, mindset and building habits.
    Demo Trading 4:14
    Ego 4:20
    Applying Trading Psychology to Everyday Life 5:01
    Monetary Value 3:16
    Going All In 3:43
    Scheduling and Blocking Out the Noise 6:07
    Ignore Others Results 4:05
    Appreciation 4:05
    So You’re Profitable Now, What’s Next 3:56
    Finish all Previous Lectures
    Have a clear and open mind.