SMB – The Trading Vault by Anne-Marie Baiynd

SMB – The Trading Vault by Anne-Marie Baiynd
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SMB – The Trading Vault by Anne-Marie Baiynd – Available Now !!!

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In “The Trading Vault”, Anne-Marie Teaches You:

  • How to see price action in a whole new light. No longer will you be confused about ‘why’ something is happening — instead, you’ll be focused on implementing a consistent mechanical method with excellent risk vs. reward.
  • How to begin speaking in terms of what buyers and sellers should do at certain levels… and why. Then you will learn how to take technical indicators and use them as confirmation of your analysis to further enhance your probability.
  • How to apply a structured methodology that helps you avoid overtrading and second-guessing your ideas – and moves you to a place of control and confidence that your big picture idea and trade strategy are combined in a way that offers higher probability. 
  • How these strategies and methodologies can be applied to any liquid market on any timeframe; including stocks, ETFs, futures, forex, and options.