The ETF Master Trader with Teeka Tiwari - Using ETFs to Master the Markets

The ETF Master Trader with Teeka Tiwari - Using ETFs to Master the Markets
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How would you like to have a master trader show you, step-by-step, how to make $2.7 million trading ETFs?

Hedge-fund master and super-investor Teeka Tiwari has agreed to do just that. But there's a catch ...

He's only agreed to share his money-making secrets with the first 25 people to respond today.

Will YOU be one of them?


Dear Friend,

Good information...

It's the most powerful trading "secret" on Wall Street.

You and I know that average investors never really get access to it.

But that's not to say that good information doesn't exist.

It does.

Every day, it's used by pros to trade stocks, options, currencies or bonds in ways the average investor hasno idea about. That's the difference between professional investors and amateur investors.

But once, maybe twice in a lifetime, a very unique opportunity comes along ... an opportunity to get information that most professional investors don't even know about ... an opportunity to get the tools that enable you to use that information to make money.

And that's the power of ETFs at this very moment in history.

For instance, in June of 2006, the entire Metals & Mining Sector collapsed. Virtually every analyst on Wall Street was telling their clients to avoid it like the plague.

But I was part of an unusually small group of investors quietly recommending the Metals & Mining Sector. Within months you could have made 624% in fast profits trading the Metals & Mining ETF (SYM: XME).

And that's just one trade.

Imagine you had this kind of information on not just one ETF, but five ... or ten.

And imagine having this information, constantly updated on all 44 sectors, not just one.

But how would you get it?

How do you – as an individual investor – get access to information that most professional investors aren't even aware of yet?

That's where I come in.

The most powerful trading secret on Wall Street

ETFs take advantage of the exact same trading system I've used for years to generate huge profits ... an ultra-sophisticated trading system that has taken me twenty years of my life to develop, test, fine-tune, test again, and prove.

Now that my trading system has been developed, tested and proven, I can honestly say that I'm one of a few people on Earth who can make real money trading them.

And I've got a list of winners – many of them made right before the eyes of our Tycoon Report readers – to prove it. Trades like ...

26.42% profits on the Japanese ETF (SYM: EWJ) ...

Or the 190% profit we saw trading the Oil Services ETF (OIH) last year ...

Or the 73.41% gains we saw on our Singapore ETF (SYM: EWS) trade ...

Or the 569% profit you could have made with the Financial Services ETF (SYM: XLF) in six weeks ...

Or the 35.64% profit we took on the South Korea ETF (SYM: EWY) ...

And of course let's not forget the 624% profits you could have made with the Metals & Mining ETF in 90 days.


The New ETF Master Trader System  8 DVD series
"Using ETFs to Master the Market"

If you really want to learn more about successful ETF trading, you'll be an old pro once you finish watching over nine hours of intensive, one-on-one education in my 8 DVD series, "Using ETFs to Master the Markets."

It's everything you'll ever need to know about ETF trading. You'll learn everything you might feel silly asking an ETF pro – like the subtle differences between investing in international and domestic ETFs ... where to buy them ... and how the movements in a specific sector can affect the performance of your ETF.

You'll also learn – in more detail than I could ever share with you here – the fundamental rules to follow for ETF trading success, so that you, too, can apply them to your own ETF trading and think and act like a trading professional.

You'll know more about ETFs than 90% of the people writing ETF trading newsletters!

But in addition to the basics, you'll also learn how to really make some serious profits.

You'll discover:

  • What kind of ETF you should never, never, never buy (yet it's the one most people do buy)
  • ETF strategies you can use to protect your stock portfolio
  • How to minimize risk on any ETF trade (one simple thing you should do every time)
  • How to super-size your ETF returns with the aid of ETF options
  • How to use Inverse ETFs to avoid catastrophic losses – and even profit – from volatility
  • Detailed instructions for managing your trades – i.e. when to take profits, how to let your winners ride, and how to limit your losses when a trade goes against you.

Teeka Tiwari – The ETF Master Trader
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This complete tutorial is must-have for anyone entering the markets.

Chapters include:

1. Introduction

2.Point & Figure Charting

3.Sector & Bullish Percent Indices

4.Making Money with Stochastics

5.Relative Strength for ETF Selection

6.Using BP Charts to Control Risk

7.How to Make Money when Signals are Given

8.Risk Management and ETF / Options Strategies