Tim Bost – Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course

Tim Bost – Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course
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Tim Bost – Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course

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Tim Bost – Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course (Audion & Video)

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$1,997.00 $37.00

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With Tim Bost as his guest on Commodity Classics, host Michael Yorba talks about the huge difference that the Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course has made in his ability to analyze the markets correctly.


With this remarkable home study course, you’ll hear all the instructional sessions on easy-to-use audio CDs. You can listen whenever and wherever you like: in your car, while exercising, while doing housework, while relaxing, while commuting, while taking care of errands — you name it! You can even play some peaceful classical music in the background to enhance your learning and retention rate with the “Mozart Effect.” Or you can play the CD on your personal computer, bring up a price chart on the screen for the stock you are studying, and follow along with concepts you are learning about in the course. And when you’re not actively listening to the CDs in the course, a deluxe storages binder will help you keep them tidy and organized, right along with a your personal coil-bound copy of the complete course outlines and class notes.


You get 12 complete lessons in the course — more than 30 full hours of recorded instruction from one of the world’s top experts in financial astrology! It’s all yours to learn from, to enjoy, and to review as often as you like while you master this money-making information!


Each recorded lesson comes with a complete set of handouts & lecture diagrams, all conveniently bound in the massive Course Workbook!


An Exciting Lineup of Lessons is Ready for You to Profit from:


LESSON 1: Introduction to Astrological Principles

LESSON 2: Introduction to Market Analysis

LESSON 3: Natal Astrology & Financial Success

LESSON 4: The Astrology of the Equities Markets

LESSON 5: Corporate Astrology

LESSON 6: Macro-Economic Astrology

LESSON 7: The Moon & The Markets

LESSON 8: Getting Information on the Markets

LESSON 9: Planetary Harmonics, Ingresses, & Other Phenomena

LESSON 10: Trading With Eclipses

LESSON 11: Trading Systems & Money Management

LESSON 12: Computerization and the Financial Astrology of the Future