Tim Price – Sovereign Man Price Value International 2016

Tim Price – Sovereign Man Price Value International 2016
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Tim Price – Sovereign Man Price Value International 2016



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Meet the man Simon Black trusts
for value investment recommendations
…and access his financial insights and best stock picks at a substantial discount
Inside, you’ll discover…
  • Timely advice on how to take advantage of the looming market pull-back…
  • How to get paid 5-8% dividends each year while investing in SAFE, high quality, well-managed companies.
  • Why Asia is an important place to diversify your investments to right now. 
  • The best kept secret in finance (and how you can use it to your advantage).
  • The role of gold in your growing portfolio (and an exciting gold mining company you can invest in).
  • Why the “science” of economics is a joke (and what you should study instead to become a master investor).
When the deck is stacked against you and nearly every mainstream investment option out there guarantees that you will lose money…
How can you responsibly GROW your savings without taking on a ton of risk? 
At Sovereign Man, we believe safe, profitable, high-quality investment research shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg…
… especially in an environment where central bankers have destroyed almost every conventional investment option.
– Bonds? They essentially pay negative interest rates. No thanks.
– Conventional stocks? This is beyond a bubble. At some point it will burst. Definitely not.
– Cash? Even prudently SAVING your money guarantees you’ll LOSE it due to inflation alone.
You’ve worked hard for your savings.
Now it’s time you have someone working hard for you…
Meet a top wealth manager who thinks like you and I do:
Tim Price is one of the few people in the world of professional finance who actually “gets it”.
As a professional wealth manager in London, he’s spent years safeguarding his clients’ money with the care and wisdom with which he manages his own.
While the investing herd crowds into dangerous, overpriced stocks, Tim Price LIVES and BREATHES value investing 24/7, and he searches for great investments all over the world.
And right now is your chance to tap into his tremendously valuable insight for an absurdly low price.
Here’s why this is so important:
There may be risk in investing, but there is risk in doing anything — including doing nothing.
There’s risk all around us…
Whether you keep your money under your mattress or hold it in an insolvent bank or invest in stocks or bonds…
Tim Price is one of the few people in professional finance who recognizes that investing today is full of risk…
Yet he’s remarkably rational and resourceful when it comes to discovering value all over the world.
The fact is, there are still people out there making a ton of money…
So, how are they doing it?
Well, anyone who has been following the value investing tips from the pages of Sovereign Man: Confidential, has netted substantial, triple digit returns over the last two years.
But what Tim Price does inside the pages of Price Value International truly takes this to the next level.
See, consistent returns are nothing more than the cherry on top of what I consider real wealth:
Your financial education is real wealth.
When you increase your financial know-how, you have virtually unlimited options for how you can best accumulate your time and resources.
For example, many of our readers ask me what I personally invest in…
And in just a moment, I’ll answer this question and share the three primary things I invest in (one of these three are the value stocks Tim Price recommends).
But first, I’d like to explain why Tim’s approach to investing in value stocks works so well:
Here’s WHY value investing works:
Imagine there’s a company with $100,000,000 in the bank.
They’ve earned significant profits every year for the last few years, and have paid out 5-7% dividends to their shareholders during this time.
On top of this, they have all of their equipment, systems, infrastructure, and people operating the business successfully, making the total value of the business WAY beyond $100,000,000…
Now imagine you can purchase shares in this business at a valuation of LESS than $100,000,000.
This is the equivalent of paying $0.80…even $0.50 for a dollar. 
When you buy and hold a stock like this, you take on very limited risk but have the potential for very consistent, very solid returns.
The best part? 
This is NOT an imaginary scenario, it’s a real example (and was one of our recent recommendations).
In order to take advantage of such safe and lucrative opportunities, it’s important to first get clear on your risk-tolerance…
What level of risk are you willing to take, and what does that actually mean?
People in finance define risk as volatility…
But honestly, who cares about volatility?
When I look at risk, I’m much more concerned about permanent loss of capital.
Rule #1 of investing is don’t lose money.
Rule #2 of investing is don’t lose money.
The problem is human beings have a very flawed perception of risk.
For example, the sacrosanct act of investing in government bonds – loaning money to a bankrupt government at a negative interest rate – is not only exceptionally risky, but has become incredibly stupid.
Another example: Putting all of your money in a bank that’s absurdly illiquid, backed by the notoriously underfunded FDIC, which is backed by an insolvent government…
If just 3% of their depositors decide to withdraw their money, the bank will be COMPLETELY OUT OF CASH (and heading towards bankruptcy).
When put this way, it’s quite clear that even holding your money at the bank is NOT low risk.
From my perspective, buying a well-run company selling for less than its cash value is a much lower risk, and a much safer way to preserve and GROW your capital.
We’ll talk about exactly how you can do that in just a moment.

The strangest thing about risk is that people think you have to risk a lot to make a lot.Actually…

Low risk does NOT mean low reward. In fact, the opposite is true (and backed by 52 years of data):
James O’Shaughnessy in his book ‘What Works on Wall Street’ conducted extensive research on common stocks in the US market.
And the most compelling strategy for delivering attractive long term returns came from value investing.
O’Shaughnessy analyzed a 3,000 stock universe over a period of 52 years.
For each year he identified the 50 most expensive and least expensive stocks by a variety of metrics. He then rebalanced that 50 stock portfolio each year, ensuring that only the most and least expensive stocks were retained.
So if you had bought the 50 ‘growth’ stocks with the highest price / earnings ratio, for example, after 52 years, a portfolio with an initial value of $10,000 would have grown to $793,558.
That sounds like a decent return. Until you compare it with a portfolio comprising the 50 stocks with the lowest price / earnings ratio.
This ‘value’ portfolio, with an initial value of $10,000, would have grown to $8,189,182, over 10x as high.
Now, if you had bought the 50 ‘growth’ stocks with the highest price / book ratio, your initial $10,000 would have compounded, over time, to $267,147.
Stick with me, because here’s where it gets REALLY GOOD:
If you had bought instead the 50 ‘value’ stocks with the lowest price / book ratio, a portfolio with a starting value of $10,000 would have grown to be worth $22,004,691– over 80x as high.
That means…
The SAFEST stocks were 80X More Valuable…
Conventional growth strategy: $793,558 
VS.Value investing strategy: $22,004,691
This is one of the most compelling arguments for value investing.
After all, a period of 52 years is a statistically meaningful period of time.
The O’Shaughnessy study strongly suggests that over time, ‘value’ completely trumps growth.
A bias to ‘value’ may not work every year, but it’s unlikely that ANY strategy will work without fail year after year.
There will always be good years and bad years.

The challenge is this:Value investing requires patience, and the ability to find “needles in a haystack” – attributes that many investors lack.

Where do you find these incredible Value Investment Opportunities?
Look, these opportunities exist.
And in a moment, you’ll see several recent recommendations we’ve made to Price Value International subscribers which have grown substantially in just the last nine months.
The trick is, you need to be patient and financially sophisticated enough to track them down.
OR, you can let Tim Price do all the hard work for you. 

See, Tim spends a majority of his time looking for the best opportunities to safeguard and grow his clients’ capital.And you can piggy back on his best investment recommendations, while getting an incredible financial education in the process…

How you’ll protect and GROW your savings with value investing:
Now remember, we’re not promising huge gains in the next week…
That’s not what value investing is all about.
And frankly – that would be insulting to your intelligence. I’d question anyone making a claim like that.
Of course, there are some losses… but the entire point is that value investing keeps the potential for loss at a minimum.
There’s always risk, in ANYTHING you do…
But which is riskier– buying some inflated company at its all-time high, or buying a well-managed company for a fraction of its net asset value?

See, our approach to value investing is a simple, yet highly effective strategy that focuses on buying stocks in under-valued companies and – in most cases – holding for the long term (in most cases, at least two years).And I want to be clear about this:

The successful stock picks and solid returns are the LEAST important part of Price Value International.

The stock recommendations are just the cherry on top of the incredible financial education available inside Price Value International.

The best investment you can make is in yourself, and that’s fundamentally your financial education.
Inside access to one of the top wealth managers in the world – a truly brilliant level of financial sophistication – is worth much, much more than a series of successful recommendations.
Sure, you might net plenty of 25%+ returns on Tim Price’s stock picks, but you’ll get an infinite return on the education.
That’s the most important ROI of all.
And right now, you can get access to this brilliant financial education, insights, and recommendations at a steep discount.
Being a financially sophisticated value investor has perks:
Imagine owning a well-diversified portfolio of value stocks recommended by a top wealth manager with an incredible track record.
Imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience knowing your savings and investment capital are GROWING in strong, stable, value investments.
And imagine the freedom and confidence you’ll develop as your personal level of financial sophistication grows leaps and bounds every single month.
Here’s the deal:
For any size portfolio, you’d easily be paying mutual fund managers hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in fees each year.
Instead, you can take advantage of Tim Price’s top picks every year, and you’ll pay just $195/year.
Whether you’re safeguarding just a couple hundred dollars or tens of thousands in each of these investment opportunities…
You’re getting an incredible return on your investment in PVI.
And that’s ON TOP of the incredible financial education inside, which is worth far more than the asking price alone.
This amount of value at this price is a no-brainer.
What exactly will I get inside Price Value International?
You’re about to get unlimited, premium access to:

Unique, ACTIONABLE investment recommendations designed for solo investors looking to generate solid returns while taking on limited risk.


Recommendations that focus on SAFETY, CAPITAL PRESERVATION, and LONG-TERM GROWTH, far outside of the mainstream lens…


Value Investing education so you can not only profit from the recommendations, but you can also LEARN from one of the brightest minds in finance.