Tradingmarkets– Programming in Python For Traders

Tradingmarkets– Programming in Python For Traders
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  • Do you already program in Python?
  • Do you program in TradeStation?
  • Do you program in Amibroker?
  • Would like to learn to program?

Python has become the hottest programming language on Wall Street and is now being used by the biggest and best quantitative trading firms in the world. We’re going to teach you the benefits of Python and how it can make you a more successful trader and allow you to build better trading strategies.

Why Python Is The Language of Choice By Many Of The Biggest and Best Trading Firms In the World

The best trading firms in the world have the resources and capabilities to program in any language.

They also have the ability to hire the best and smartest traders in the world. When you look at who they’re hiring, there’s one major theme; they’re hiring traders with Python Programming skills.

You only have to look at the professional job boards to see this.

Many of the top firms are now all requiring their traders and researchers to program in Python.

The reason they’re doing this is they obviously believe Python is leading to greater trading profits.

“The Best Coding Languages to Learn for Traders in Banks, Hedge Funds and HFT Firms” by Rob Carver – former head of fixed income at multi-billion dollar quantitative hedge fund AHL, and the author of the two books, Systematic Trading and Smart Portfolios.

“Python is the preferred language of many quantitative traders because of the extensive availability of packages for data analysis”

We can show you dozens of these examples, and now tens of thousands of professionals at the top trading firms around the world do their programming in Python (not in retail products like TradeStation, Amibroker, etc.).

If you’re serious about your trading, and want to join the elite trading professionals around the world, (and not a bunch of retail traders) then learning Python is a must.

If not, you’re falling behind!

Briefly Our Story

Chris and I are a generation apart yet our journey is the same.

Amibroker and Excel have been good to me and my clients for years. TradeStation was good to Chris for years. But we both realized in order to keep up with the professional quant firms, we needed to move to an open source professionally used language.

That language, as so many major quant firms have found, is Python.

Here is Why Many of The Top Quant Firms Use Python and Why You Should Too

There are many reasons why Python has become the go-to programming language for these multi-billion dollar fund companies. This includes…

1. It’s easy to learn – You can learn how to program Python in under 10 hours. In 10 hours, you will be able to do in-depth research, code more complicated trading strategies, and analyze your backtested results better and faster than ever before!

2. It’s faster than most languages. You will spend less time writing your code which leads you to having more time analyzing your results and improving your strategies.

3. It’s Open Source – This means you’ll have access to the same trading code and tools created by many of the best researchers, programmers and traders in the world.

There’s also a global community available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Python is widely used and well documented, making solving coding issues a breeze. If you’re stuck on a coding problem, many people out there will be able to help you.

In fact, even a quick Google search usually answers your questions!

4. Python has the best libraries for data analyses and quantitative trading. This means again you will be using the same tools as professional quant trading desks and hedge fund managers do. This can’t be said for other languages like TradeStation and Amibroker.