TrainingTraders - SpyGlass - McDaddy Day trading Course

TrainingTraders - SpyGlass - McDaddy Day trading Course
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TrainingTraders - SpyGlass - McDaddy Day trading Course

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$2,999.00 $47.00

McDaddy Daytrading Course   

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TrainingTraders – SpyGlass – McDaddy Day trading Course

Whether you are an intermediate or advanced trader, this intensive, 3-day course is based on a unique, rule-based trading methodology designed to help reduce the emotion in trading while teaching you how disciplined trading can lead to more consistent profitability.

Using the McDaddy Day Trading System or the McDaddy Position Trading System, you will understand price behavior and how to use that knowledge to determine which prices are significant, what direction the market is likely to move in, and what really happens behind the scenes when significant price movements occur.You’ll see real trades taken in real time and discover how all components of the McDaddy Trading Methodology” combine to provide rule-based, automated tools that help improve trading disciple so you can become a more consistently profitable trader.

The McDaddy Day Trading and Position Trading Systems” provide entry and exit signals for short or long term trades while the the McDaddy RadarScreen” scans any market you choose, signaling trading opportunities every five (5) seconds. McDaddy Key Lines” help you analyze and spot trades in any time-frame as the McDaddy MarketSide” helps manage risk during your trades by keeping you on the right side of the market.

These are just some of the powerful tools you’ll see in action during the 3-Day McDaddy Trading Methodology Course”. You’ll attend a learning experience packed full of information on topics ranging from advanced technical analysis to managing risk for maximum profitability, plus so much more.

Discover how all the rules of the McDaddy Trading Methodology” work in combination and are coded into the McDaddy Trading Systems”.

So, join us, ask questions and take home a wealth of information that will help you harness the full power of the McDaddy Trading Methodology” — the methodology that teaches you how to “Trade What You See, Not What You Think.”.

Because…Let us be frank: without the appropriate skills-set, knowledge-base and education, speculative trading can be a very risky undertaking, especially in today’s volatile market environment.