Tyler Trades – Ichimoku Traders Academy

Tyler Trades – Ichimoku Traders Academy
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Tyler Trades – Ichimoku Traders Academy




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In this course I will show you everything you need to know to become a profitable trader! With over 4000+ members, We are very proud to say that our online community has helped changed the lives of countless individuals. We want YOU to be apart of it!

Featured Academy Lessons-

  • Trading Is 20% Strategy and 80% Mentality; Learn to Master Your Trading Psychology
  • Basic Setup; Setting Up a Demo Account and Getting Familiar with the Trading Software
  • The Different Pending Orders and How to Place Them
  • Risk Management; How to Make It Impossible to Blow Your Trading Account
  • How to Track Your Trading History and Why It’s Crucial
  • How to Read a Candlestick Chart and Identify Support/Resistance Zones
  • Use Fundamentals to Know When NOT to Trade
  • How to Follow a Trend; Enter and Exit Strategy
  • The Highest Profitability Trading Patterns & How To Identify Them
  • Our favorite indicators And How To Use Them For Maximum Profitability