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This is It! After thousands of hours of backbreaking testing and hundreds of live trades we are, for the second time ever, in very limited quantities, and for a very limited time, making this available to the public.

And just so there's absolutely no doubt about how serious we are...

We Are Taking The Risk... If You Don't Absolutely LOVE IT, Send It Back For A Full Refund!

You will receive everything you see here, and the many more bonuses below. Read on to learn about the system and find out about everything you're going to receive with the Universal Market Trader Today!

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From the Desks of the NetPicks Universal Market Trader Team

Dear Savvy Trader,

Welcome to launch of the Universal Market Trader Simple! This is Mark & Brian, your NetPicks Trading Team, and we want to let everyone know that this is tremendously exciting and a special day for all of us at NetPicks! Today is the absolute first time that we are releasing the UMT outside of our own subscriber base. Today is the day that pro-active and serious traders everywhere will become fully empowered to profit along with us and our other very satisfied UMT Simple owners.

And because of our tremendous confidence with the first two sets of owners and their amazing feedback and success, we are offering you a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Yep, you read that right. Take it home, try it out for 30 days and if you don't see the type of results we promise, you can send it right back (less shipping costs). It's that easy. PLUS, with our 200% Investment Assurance that says if you don't DOUBLE your investment trading the UMT in 90-days, just let us know and we'll DOUBLE your time in our exclusive Member's Only Owner's Club. Read on for more details!

After interacting with thousands of active traders worldwide for over 12 years in bear markets and bull markets, there is one thing that we're certain of: traders everywhere are ready for a methodology that is unique, refreshing, and real. Specifically, traders are searching for...

A methodology that hand-delivers you SIMPLE and easily-learned custom indicators ready to be loaded up the minute you subscribe (with most Traders learning the fundamentals within a day!).
A methodology that allows you to seamlessly switch and trade multiple markets and multiple timeframes for unlimited opportunities.
A methodology that provides live ongoing training where you can even get your questions answered from the developers themselves.
A methodology that allows you to interact directly with other owners of the system!

Over our 12+ years in the investment education niche (and over 25+ years experience trading), we've taken note that traders have continuously asked us for several specific benefits that they needed to see in their dream trading system. These requests were the very inspiration for The Universal Market Trader. With hundreds of other systems out there, what makes the UMT so special? Why is the demand so high? And come re-release time, why do we always and consistently sell out before "closing time"?

The answer...

No Subjectivity, Total Simplicity and Extreme Flexibility!

Anyone who has traded before knows the hardest part is handling your emotions! Should I take this next trade, or skip it? How many times have you second guessed yourself, only to kick yourself for not taking a trade that turned out to be a winner. The guessing games are over. You'll always have a simple yet powerful rule-set to follow that doesn't change market to market! You learn the system, to master all the markets! This concept is SO powerful. Once you have the system down it will make no difference what market you trade. (Seriously.) With the UMT, you'll be able to navigate between forex, futures, stocks, commodities, options, ETF's - whatever's appealing to you! Plus, you only ever trade off of one chart and timeframe at a time so it could not be easier.

We're certain that you will feel the power of the system the very first day you use it. Why? Because when you feel like almost every trade you take is going to win, it gives you the proper confidence that will change the way you think about the markets. In our 12 years of helping traders to meet and exceed their profit potential, The Universal Market Trader is by far the most robust, flexible and powerful trading system that we've ever seen. Along with this, its winning edge is without a doubt better than anything we have ever traded before. We're confident you will agree as soon as you get your hands on it.

There has never been a system anything like this before, and in a few short days (or much sooner if we sell out), it will be gone. Make sure you grab your Universal Market Trader Course & System now.

Good Trading!

Mark, Brian & The NetPicks Universal Market Trader Team




"Trading with the UMT improved my ability to read the market and become a better trader"

"NetPicks has reinvented itself once again with this product by bringing a new dimension that offers a robust and easy to apply strategy to any market in any time frame.

I appreciate the quick response NetPicks offered to existing clients by being open to suggestions and recommendations to improve even further the product. The community, updates and experience sharing has increased my awareness in how learning to trade efficiently is a path that is being constructed day by day through each UMT subscriber and the UMT community. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about improving risk management and profiting from the markets."

Nathan N.
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"I’ve always felt that you guys have the greatest sense of integrity in this arena, but I’m blown away by the UMT Simple."

"I love it! I think it should be called “Simple and Elegant” because it gets me in and out of the market so simply and I’m hitting so many targets. And this after only 2 days using it. What a great, wonderful trading system!! Thanks! I love it from the bottom of my bank account.”

Michael G.
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Take A Look At Some Recent Results Below:

Flexibility is KEY. The beauty of our system is that you can master multiple markets - without having to learn complex specific rules for each market! Once you learn the rules, you can easily apply them to a number of stocks, futures, forex, or commodity markets, and you can do so as quickly as changing the channel on your TV.

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Check out these results on the Dow...

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And we're all about Win/Loss consistency with the UMT...
check out the ratios acorss 21 trades, 77 trades, and even 146 trades on the Dax Futures!

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