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NeuroTrend Lines 4.0 for Tradestation 

This indicator package is one of the best ever developed for trading or investing and provides the trader a systematic way of trading. Works very well for day trading, swing, or position trading. These indicators will enter a trade at the earliest entry point possible to help maximize profits. After the trade is entered these indicators will help keep you trading in the direction of the trend. NeuroTrend indicators are universal, working with any market and any time frame. This includes Forex, Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Equities, Commodities. NeuroTrend indicators are user friendly, allowing the trader the ability to adjust the variable inputs for their own style of trading. We`ve used the most advanced technology available in the designing and developing of the NeuroTrend indicators. 
These indicators are one of the best sets of indicators ever created by our developers. These indicators are easy to use, even though they are programmed with the latest and most Complex Logic Algorithms available today . Investors and Traders can enjoy a greater potential for profit, including minimizing your risk. NeuroTrend indicators work in real time or position trading. NeuroTrend will work in any time frame and any market, including: Tick, Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. The objective of every trader is to make a profit. That is what we had in mind when we developed this software program. 
The NeuroTrend indicator generate the buy and sell signals. It clearly shows the overall trend. It help maximize your profits and minimize your losses.
Among all the indicators ever created NeuroTrend is one of the most fundamental and reliable indicators ever. NeuroTrend indicators are much more powerful than similar looking indicators which are sold or leased for thousands of dollars. At first you may think other products are similar to NeuroTrend, but they are not. Once you use our indicators you will understand, and clearly see the difference, especially where there is major turning points or along the course of a trend.
With the power of NeuroTrend indicators, you can trade in the direction of the trend. Many have integrated their own trading experience with ours and have become much better traders and investors. It`s the closest thing to the 
"Holy Grail"that we have found for most traders and investors. Some traders have been able to use them with an accuracy of 80%. Why not put these powerful indicators to work for you today! These are some of the most powerful tools ever developed for trading and investing! 

NeuroTrend Lines indicators provide market direction and keep you trading in the direction of the trend. When the market changes direction or stays in an upward trend the price bars turn blue and remain blue. When the market changes direction to a downward trend the price bars turn red and remain red. If there is a sideways market or the market has no direction then the bars turn a neutral color.

NeuroTrend Lines act as a system, in the respect that it shows the user the best place to enter a trade. This indicator pinpoints Buy & Sell signals based on the latest technology available today. When there is a Buy or Sell condition this indicator colors a big blue dot for a Buy or a big red dot for a Sell.