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TradeStation 9.1 Build 12046

TradeStation 9.0 Build 8968
TradeStation 8.7 Build 3085
OwnData 2.7 Build 8015.400
OnDemand Server 4.0 for eSignal

and All Systems

Multicharts 8.0

OwnData 2.7

OwnTrade 1.2 
UniServer 1.0.21025 

Forexite QuoteRoom

Password unlocker for ELD,ELS,ELA for TS8.x


%C DT #1 & #2
+165 Indicators and Systems
1st 2h Channel
1st Hour System
3 Line Break
5 Day Momentum
5 EMAS Trading systems with Indicators
5 VBTP clone ela
A Few EOTPro End of Trend Indicators
A Market Bottom pattern for S&P Futures
AATS Rhino Forex
Aberration + AberrationPlus System
Abraham System and Indicator
Accurate Rhino Trading System for FX
Adaptive ELA by C.Lee
Adaptive Indicators 2.0
Advanced Get 1.3 RT Build 396 for TS
Advanced Get ELA
Advanced Normalized Momentum Indicator
Advanced ZigZag Line Indicator
Advanz Analytics Systems for TS
ADX Indicator
Alchemy Indicators
Alchemy Trend Follower
Alternating Swings
Amcan + Manual
Andrews Pitchfork 2 Indicator
Andromeda + Manual
Anomaly 1 Trading System + Manual
Anomaly 2 Trading System + Manual
Antaean Oscillators
Applied Reality Trading (ART) Pyramid Point Trading System
ART Charting + manual
ART Collins
ART Real-Time Indicators (Pyramid Trading Point System)
AS S&P Bear System
AS S&P Raptor System
ASCTrend 3.51
ASCTrend Clone
AST Reversal Patterns
AST Stenberg Indicators
Atlanta Studies
Atlas-35 System
Auto Prime-Line Indicators and Strategy Tool Set
Automated Fibonacci Cluster indicators
Automated Support and Resistance
AXIOM INDEX + manual
Babcock Trading System + Manual for TS
Bail Out
Bail3 For Daily System
Beta Bar Indicator
Bill Blau's Ergodic Oscillator
Bill Vedder Classic Pattern Recognition
Bill Williams - Chaos
Bill Williams - Indicators
Bill Williams - Systems
Binary Wave Study
Black Dog Trading System
Bob Buran Systems
Bollinger Bands on OBV
BOP indicator
BOS BSE LS Mkt System
Bottom Fishing
BrainTrading System
BreakOut II
Broken Arrow
Builder trading sytem by Keener Capitol
Bullseye Indicators & Paintbars
Buy Monday and Sell Monday
Buy Monday or Tuesday System
Buy Sell or Get Out Support and Resistance Target Locator System
BuySell Pressure indicator
BWT-Trading Precision Indicators (new version) ($5000)
BWT-Trend Indicators II
BWT-Trading Zones Trading System

Cable 24 Trading System
Camarilla Equation & Manual
Candle Forecaster Expert
Candle Stick Patterns Indicator
Carls Volatility Low
Catscan #1 System
Catscan #2 System
Catscan #3 System
Catscan #4 System
Chaikin Money Flow Indicator
Chaikin Volatility
Chande Ravi I, II
Chande's DMI & Momentum Oscillator
Charles Le Beau - 25 x 25 Bond System + Manual
Charles Le Beau - Big Dipper Bond Trading System
Charles Le Beau - Crossbow
Charles Le Beau - First Sword Yen System
Charles Le Beau - MACK Trading System + Manual
Charles Le Beau - PRUDENT S&P Trading System + Manual
Charles Le Beau - Remark13
Charles Le Beau - Roughneck CO Trading System + Manual
Charles Le Beau - Serendipity
Charles Le Beau - Strategic Swiss Franc
Charles Le Beau - Sward
Charles Le Beau - USbig
Checkmate System
Cherry Picker
Choppy Market Index Indicator
Chuck LeBeau - Phoenix Bond System - Cyclone System S&P 500 Day Trading System ($3,000) - Spectrum System - Time Target Indicators - TTM DDF Value Chart - TTM Directional Day Filter System ($1,500) - TTM Indicators ($1,495) - TTM Slingshot - TTM Squeeze - TTM Trend Indicator - Universal 8.3a - Universal Trading System ($7,500)
Clyde Lee - Length of swing
Clyde Lee - Moon Phase system
Coles Range
Combine Indicator
Commando 1.01
Commando C-3 Trading System
Commando II Trading System
Compass,Navigator,Surveyor for TS
Complete Long-Term Trading Suite
Compressed Functions
Confluence Indicator
Conner 19 strategy by Conner & Krutsinger
Continuous High-Low
Coppock Curve Indicator
Crazilla - 3D1
Crossbow Ela By Chack
Cumulative Market Thrust Line
Cup & Handle
Cycle Identifier Indicator
Cycle Trader Collection
CycleBar Indicators
CycleTrader 5
CycleTrend Indicator
Cynthia Kase
Dale Legan - Catching Waves
Dale Legan - Confluence function
Dale Legan - Indicators
Danton Shockwave Tool Kit
Dave Landry Swing Trading Indicators
David Wright's Spoon
Day Breaker Suite E-Mini Trading System
Day Care System
DBS Break
DBS Trading System
DecisionBar Trading Tool Kit 3.0
Delayed Channel Breakout
Delphi II Universal
Delta Divergence
Delta T1
DEMA1 filter
Dennis Meyers - Advanced Short Term Systems & Indicators
Dennis Meyers - Short Term Indicators v2 and Long Term v4 and 5
Dennis Meyers - Super walk forward optimizer
Derivative Moving Average
Detrend Indicator
Detrended Price Oscillator
DGL Convergence Indicator
DGL Finder Convergence Indicator
Di Napoli Indicators
Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager
Displaced Moving Average
Displaced Weighted Average
Displaced XAverage
Divergence Axe Indicator
Divergence Index
Dollar Trader 4.8 + Manual
Dr.Elder Systems
Drummond Indicators + Manual
Dual Color History
Dual Thrust
Dunnigan's Way
Dynamic Breakout System - Variation B
Dynamic Momentum Idx
Dynamic Time
EarlyBird III 
eASCTrend 6.0 Professional + Workspace Conversion Utility
EasyLanguage Template Assistant for PowerEditor
Eggzactly Trading Systems
Ehlers indicator
ELA Breaker & OR Patch & OR Edit32
ELA Manual
Elder Disk 2.1 Original Indicators
Elder Ray
Ellery Coleman`s - Systems and Indicators
Elliott Wave System
Emini SP Daytrade System
Enhancing On-Balance Volume and Negative Volume
EntryPoint 2.2
EntryPoint 2000i for OR
Equity Curve Ind
ER2 Day Trading
Etrackrecords Boredom Killer fortradestation
ETS Dynatrend
ETS Trading System By Michael Mermer
Exhaustion Systems
Exiting Partially
First 2 Hour Channel System
Flexible RSI
Float Analysis
Floor Pivots Daily
Force Index
Four Newest Hawkeye Indicators
Fractal dimension
FT Indicators dll
Full Proof Forex Trading system
Futures Roll Over
Gartley 222 System
Gary Smith - 2 System
Gary Smith - S&P Day Trading System
Garys Parabolic Average
Genetic Trader for Futures
Genetic Trader for Stock
Getting Started With TradeStation EasyLanguage
Golden SX System 
Greg Morris
Gunslinger 1 and 2
Hawkeye Tools RadarScreen Indicators Tradestation
Heikin Ashi Trend Indicator
Helix system
Hilbert DTMentor
Historical Volatility and Pattern Recognition
Hit and Run 1&2
HPI Custom
Hurst Channel Four
Hurst Sigma Bands
Identifying Market Trends
Identifying Powerful Breakouts Early
Identifying Significant Chart Formations
I-Master Index Trading System
Impetus - Mechanical Daytrading System
Indicia FOREX Trading system
Inside Advantage
Inside Edge Divergence Engine
Intraday Pairs Trading
Intraday Trading System Crescendo
Investor's Dream + Manuals
J Curtis Trading system
Jack Schwager Trading system
Jan Arps - Adam Reflection Bars 
Jan Arps - Crown Jewels
Jan Arps - Danton ShockWave ToolKit
Jan Arps - Hawkeye Tool Kit
Jan Arps - Jackson Zones Indicator 
Jan Arps - Swing Box
Jan Arps - TT5 Universal Swing Tool
Jan Arps - Woods Cumulative Volume Float Indicators 

Jensen collection of several indicators and systems
Joe Krut - 12 Ultimate Systems
Joe Krut - Call Buyer
Joe Krut - MEASURE
Joe Krut - Time Charger System
Joe Krutsinger - $36,000 worth of Trading Systems
Joe Krutsinger - Focal Point
Joe Krutsinger - Queen
Joe Krutsinger - Ranger
Joe Krutsinger - Time Any Trading System  ($4995)

Joe Krutsinger - Traders Dream
Joe Krutsinger - Trend Walker  ($4995)
John Clayburg - Custom TradeStation Programming
John Clayburg - Indicators and Systems
Jumpman Indicator
Jurik - UT Package
Jurik Indicators - Complete

Jurik New
Jurik Research
Jurik TPO crack
Jurik with UserID 1 FULL
Kase Statware
Katsu Yen Trading System 1.0
Kaufman - New Trading Systems and Methods
KC Confirmation Collection
Keltner Channel Indicator
Lag Measurament
Larry Williams - Indicators
Larry Williams - Inner Circle Indicators
Larry Williams - Systems
Learn to use Expert Commentary
Linda Raschke - Critical Day
Linda Raschke - Indicators and Systems
Linda Raschke - LBR Edge
Linear Regresion Channel
Linear Regression With Calc
Linear Regression2 ela
Little Big Horn System
MACD Scalper Indicator
Magic Dots
Mangeeze Program
Mark Brown - Calm Markets
Mark Brown - Indicators & Systems
Mark SP%R
Market Analytics - Exhaustion Bars
Market Analytics - Fractal Toolkit
Market Analytics - Ma_Predict
Market Analytics - Momentum Toolkit
Market Annihilator System
Market Axe Indicator
Market Blueprint 7
Market Delta
Market Direction Indicator
Market Facilitation Index
Market Forecaster Indicator
Market Reactivity System by Al Gietzen
Market Trend Indicator
Market Viper
Matheny tcbr system
MAXED Trend Exhaustion PaintBar Indicator
MAXTrend2 Indicator
MBBO System
McClellan and Summation Index
MESA + FourierLineSpectr
MESA 2000
MESA 2002
MESA Sierra Hotel
MESA98 4.1
Mindfire Systems - Catscan
MiniMax Trading System
Misc TS Indicators & Systems - The Pit
MOB Wolfe
Momentum AND Fourier - WAMI Optimization
Money Flow Indicator
Mov Average Envelope Displaced
Mov Avg - Sine-Weightd
Mov Avg - Supp-Res
MSX System
MTPredictor Build 45
Multivote OBV
Murrey Math - Indicator
MWDX Average Indicator
Mx Capital trading
Narrow Sideways Channel
NATT Collection for OR
Neal Weintraub ELA code - TickleMeNeal
Negative Volume Indicator
Netpicks 3.8 + Manual
NetPicks Ultimate Trading Machine (UTM) ($1,295)
Neural DT Trading Systems ($2900)

NeuroTrend Lines 4.0
New Commando
New HPI Function
New Market Paradigm
New Market Timing for Omega Supercharts and Tradestation
Nexgen T-3
Ninja Turtle
Ocean by Jim Sloman (base)
Octane Trading System
Offset Anything Indicator
Omega - System Trading
Omega Research - Portfolio Maxmizer
OmniCom 5.17
On Balance Volume Average
On Balance Volume Percentage
One Point Two Eight
Optimax Genetic Optimizer (Level 3)
Paint Alternating Sessions
Paint Day of Week
PaintBar Factory CCI
PaintBar Factory Squeeze Indicator + Manual

Pascal Willain - Effective Volume Indicator + Manual
Pathfinder Trading System
Pegasus Trading System
Perry Kaufman - A Guide to Smarter Trading
Phase Calculation
Phase Locked
Phase -Technical analysis indicator library & methodology
PI Trading System
Pinpoint Systems
Pivot Axe Indicator
Pivot Fib Strategy
Pivot Point for Trading
Plad System
PlayWave Addon
PlayWave by Neurotrader
Polarized Fractal Efficiency
Polynomial System
Positive Volume Indicator
PowerEditor Patch - ELA, ELS.ELD Password Unlocker
Precision Trader - BuySell Point Indicator
Price and Volume Based System
Price Distribution Analysis
Probabilities From Quantitative Trading and Money Management
Profitability Test 2.0
ProSuite Indicator Pkg by Trade Concepts
PSG Sys #1 Intraday
Quantum Leap
Quantum Swing Trader
R Brooks
Rainbow Charts
Random Walk Index
Rapid Response Smooth MACD
Rapid Response Smooth RSI
Raptor II Trading System
Raschke - Connors Anti
R-Breaker System
RC Chance+ 
RC Day Trader Level 7 
RC Dream
RC M2 conservative 
RC Miracles II by Rickey Cheun
RC Success 2
Reactivity Indicator by Dave DeLuca
Ready-Set-Go Trading System + Manual
Recurrence IV System
Relative Momentum Index
RemaBands Trading Sys
Remarkable S & P Trading System 1.3
Reversal Axe Indicator
Reverse Motion Trading System 
Revised PaintBarFactory Squeeze - Better than TTM BB Squeeze
Ribbon Trader
Ricky Cheung - RC5
Rico Indicator
Right Angle Trading Indicators
Rina Portfolio Stream 6.0
RK Automatic Fib Confluence
RMO indicator
Robert Miners Stochastic RSI
Robust E-mini Daytrading System
Robust Regression System
Rocket Science for Traders - TS Indicators
Roos Hook
Roy Kelly's Floor Traders Tools and TrendPro 8.0 ($ 1,999)
Roy Kelly's Money Maker

rpb Best Correlation Indicator
RS Houston
Ruggerio Indicators
Ruggiero Stock Traders Toolbox
Rumba System
S&P Breaker System
Safir 3.2
Scalper Pivot 3
Serendipity 1.1 - Bond Trading System
SharpShooter + Manual
Shockwave trading system by Keener Capitol
Shotgun Indicator
Signaling Change with Projection Bands
Simple Adv
Simple Futures Trading System
Simplicity System
Sine-Weighted Moving Average
Sirtrade 2000
Sirtrade 2004
SirTrade Cycle
SKT Binary Wave
Smoothed Hilbert Sine Wave
Smoothin Techniques For More Accurate Signals
Spike 35
Spoon Indicator 2nd Up
SpyGlass 2.01
Squat Bars
Squeeze Machine
Stack Trade
Stafford SP Day Trading System
Standard Error Bands
Stenberg Brothers - AST Indicators
Stephen J.Klinger - Volume Osc
Stochastic RSI and Dynamic Momentum Index
Stochastic S&C
STP System
StratOpt WFO-WFP
Street Smart Indicators (Conors & Raschke)
Street Smarts Swing Trading Indicators
Stuart Evens - Stochastics
Success System
Sunny J Harris Moneymentor Indicator Pack
Super Combo Day Trading Strategy
Superior Trend Turn Identifier
Swing Activator System
Swing Day Trader's Toolkit for TradeStation
Swing Machine
Swing Trader 4
Swing Trader Trendline
Synergy from
Synthetic VIX on ES daily chart
Systems Package
T-3 commodity
TD Scalper
TEMA Indicator
TFS Indicator
The 2-20-Day EMA Breakout System
The Daytrader's Talking ToolBox 4.0
The ELA Manual
The Grail Genetic Optimizer (GGO)
The King Keltner Trading Strategy
The Market Facilitation Index
The Mom144 Day Trading System & Lit
The Real Thing
The S&P 500 Seasonal Day Trade
The Thermostat Trading Strategy
The TradingMarkets R3R4 Method Trading System 
The Ultimate Trading Machine Complete Set of Courses, TS Indicators & Daily Updates
The Ultra Edge Strategy 
Thirteen Mechanical Trading
Thrust Retracement
Tick Count Down
Tick Days
Tick Trader Day Trading (David Marsh)
Tim Tillson's T3 Average
Time Charger
Times Series Forecast Indicator
Todd Mitchell indicators
Tom DeMark - 92 Indicators
Tom DeMark - Scalper System
Trade Cycles 2.0
Traders International Trading Indicators + Manual
Trader's Tips Exclusive - His Volatility
Tradesmart MATLAB Link Dll
TradeStation Net Utility
TradeWorks - Random Number Generator
Trading Alchemy Full Set of Indicators & Systems 
Trading Divergences
Trading Magic System R3R4 Method Trading System
Trend Channel Pro
Trend Friend Indicators
Trend Reflection Trading System
Trend Reversal and Strength Indicators
Trend Rider
Trend StdDev
Trend Strength Identifier
Trend Trader
TrendLine Trader
TRIX Indicator
TRIX System
TRO Indicators
True Contrarian Trading Signal
TS F System
TS Genetic Optimizer
TSCI - TrendWatch
TS-GET v7 Data Transfer + Manual
Tsunami Trader Wave Rider
TTI System and Indicators for
Turitrade Scalp for TradeStation
Uni-Channel Indicator
Universal Trading System (Clayburg)
Upside-Downside Volume
Using Fibnacci Ratios and Momentum
UTM Indicators
Variation B of Dynamic Breakout System
ViperStar Gold Edition
Virtual Trader 2.05
Volume Accumulation Percentage
Volume Gradient
Volumentum Studies
WA Trading Package
Walter Bressert - All Indicators
Walter Bressert - ProfitTrader 7.0 + Manual
Walter Bressert - Stochastic Indicators
Walter Bressert - System
Walter Bressert - The Cycle Trading Manual & ELA
Watts E-Mini and FOREX Scalping System
WaveRider Trend Indicator
Weekly S&P Trading System
Whisper System
William Tell Coffee
William Tell Trading System
Winning Edge Day Trading system
Wisdom Of The Ages
Wolfe Wave Indicator
Z Score
Zero Balance


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